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Oregon Catholic Daughters of the Americas

Operation Morning Star

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Operation Morning Star is the National CDA newsletter for CDA members,  to be informed to vote on the issues that are morally and ethically sound within the teachings of the Church.

Operation Morning Star began in 1989 as a tool to increase membership, and was named after our Blessed Mother, the patroness of Catholic Daughters.  "Morning Star" is one of Our Lady's titles in the litany of the Blessed Virgin.
In 1989 and for several years, there was an "open door" with the White House and it's staff, and with the legislators in Washington.  Our legislative council would receive a telephone call from a White House staff asking "what is the Catholic thought" on a specific issue.  Our National Regent and other members on the executive committee could meet with a US Senator or congressman almost upon a moments' notice.
The "open door" policy started changing in 1992.  The number of lobbists increasted; individuals and organizations with money were the ones gaining access to the legislators.  The immediate access that CDA shared with other similar organizations gave way to the famous "K street lobbyists".
For several years now, responding to alerts as constituents has been the primary avenue we have been forced to follow to reach our legislators in Washington.  THIS is why it is crucial that members respond to legislative alerts. 
This is why  it is crucial for every court to name a legislative chairman.  This is why it is crucial that every state have a legislative chair to make contact with other chairs to reach our members- the grassroots of our organization. 
With 90,000 members,--if half of them, 45,000----
contacted their legislators-- we should make a difference!
As Fall ELECTIONS approach, be mindful that your vote DOES make a difference!  Study the issues, and try to ask questions if you don't understand them.  Follow the teachings of the Church, and your heart.
IT IS IMPORTANT that ALL CDA MEMBERS understand that as a non-profit (501)c(3) organization, that :
1. CDA CANNOT and DOES NOT endorse or support any political party or candidate (local, state, or federal), including nominees;
2. CDA members CANNOT and DOES NOT lobby legislators (local, state or federal) for any reason;
3.  CDA members could LOSE it's tax-exempt status if any of the above should occur.  Our organization supports ISSUES.
As members, we have a responsibility to become informed, active, and responsible participants in lawmaking in the political process.
Each year, the CDA national legislative program supports and participates in the March for Life at our National, and State capitals.  We march for Pro-Life, WRAP (White Ribbon Against Pornography), Pennies for the Unborn, just to name a few. 
For MORE information on the topics above and current issues before the legislation, or addresses to your local representative, please contact our
State Regent Mary Saunders

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* Editor's note:  the information contained within this website is for the sole purpose of informing our members of the issues, activities, goals, and requests of our membership; with access by the general public.  This information is, in no way, meant to misinform, mislead, slander, or misrepresent any individual, group, or entity.  If there is incorrect information on this website, please contact the state regent at CDAmarysaunders@aol.com  and the matter will be addressed as quickly as possible.