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Oregon Catholic Daughters of the Americas

Prayer Requests

To Our Members:
The Catholic Daughters State Court, while utilizing the electronic age to notify our members of prayer requests, out of respect to our members, will only post specific requests with permission of those people. If you have a prayer request, the State Officers and the prayer chain will continue to pray for them, however not post on this web page, except under general intentions.
Any questions or concerns, please contact the State Regent at cdamarysaunders@aol.com


Heavenly Father, Allow me to come alongside someone who needs encouragement and prayer today. Give me eyes to see when someone needs lifting up. Give me a heart like Yours to reach out in support. And if the day goes on I grow weary, bring to my mind the wondrous things You have done for me so that I will be refreshed, too. Amen.

Prayer Requests

* For Fr. Scott Vandehey; 
  National and State and local Governments;
* All of our Junior Catholic Daughters;
* For continued prayers for deceased members and their loved ones;
 * State and National Catholic Daughters Board Officers;
* Local court board officers
*  For all the unborn, and those who have experienced the horror of abortion; 
* For all our clergy, Religious, and Lay ministers;
* For our youth;
* For an increase in vocations to the priesthood and religious life.
* For  world  peace

Please email your prayers for listing to cdamarysaunders@aol.com

* Editor's note:  the information contained within this website is for the sole purpose of informing our members of the issues, activities, goals, and requests of our membership; with access by the general public.  This information is, in no way, meant to misinform, mislead, slander, or misrepresent any individual, group, or entity.  If there is incorrect information on this website, please contact the state regent at CDAmarysaunders@aol.com  and the matter will be addressed as quickly as possible.