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Oregon Catholic Daughters of the Americas

Monthly Newsletter

To View the complete EMAILED NEWSLETTER, please click on the site below and enter your information.   You may opt to receive future newsletters at that time.  Your newsletter will be emailed to you within 24 hours.  The rest of the information on the website will be updated regularly as well.  Please visit our website often to keep up with the current events.

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* Editor's note:  the information contained within this website is for the sole purpose of informing our members of the issues, activities, goals, and requests of our membership; with access by the general public.  This information is, in no way, meant to misinform, mislead, slander, or misrepresent any individual, group, or entity.  If there is incorrect information on this website, please contact the state regent at CDAmarysaunders@aol.com  and the matter will be addressed as quickly as possible.