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Oregon Catholic Daughters of the Americas

The Pastors' Corner

New Feature!
We welcome messages from any and all of our Pastors!
Thank you to Fr. Joe Reinig, of St. Francis of Assisi Church, Bend, OR. We are truly blessed!

Imagine for a moment what our faith community would be like if we all lived by the Beatitudes that Jesus gave us. In a way, the Beatitudes give us an in-depth view of Jesus' priorities. We should make our own the same as His.

* Poverty of Spirit helps us overcome the worlds Materialism.
* Mourning the loss of our true spirituality spurs us to regain our real Spirituality.
* Meekness, as Jesus shows us, overcomes pride and haughtiness.
* Righteousness, when sought after with grace and humility will satisfy our needs.
* Mercy, when practiced with Jesus as our guide, will bring us God's mercy.
* Cleanliness of heart will lead to our ultimate vision of God.
* Peacemakers, within our families, our parish communities and the world, are called to be true children of God.

In so many ways, we who call ourselves followers of Christ, are subjected to persecution both overt and covert. The world resents out call for moral action. The world resents our insistence that we are obligated to follow God's law. We are ridiculed for wanting to hold society to a higher standard. So be it. We have Jesus' promise that our rewards "will be great in Heaven".

Fr. Joe Reinig,
St. Francis of Assisi Church,
Bend, OR

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