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Oregon Catholic Daughters of the Americas

Oregon State Charities and Projects

Listed below, marked with an asterisk (*) are the state charities the Catholic Daughters supports with a suggested donation of $10 per year per charity, sent to the State Regent with "State Projects" listed on the bottom left corner of the check. This may also be deposited directly into the Catholic Daughters State Account and note sent as usual.

* Father Taaffe Foundation:

--St. Brigid, St. Monica, St. Teresa Homes

-Provides alternative choices to abortion by offering residents a home to live in and be cared for during this sacred time in their lives.

Mission and Purpose:
To offer an alternative to abortion,
To provide a home, not just a place to live, for pregnant and parenting teenage mothers.

Financial Support given goes for:
Financial support goes for employee wages and benefits, liability insurance and utilities. The homes are supported by three dinners, Mustang car raffle, a booth at Mt. Angel Oktoberfest, and raffles and dinners.
Other ways to help:
Prayers are an important part of the workings and success of the homes. They accept all types of donations, clothes, food, furniture, personal items, and household items. They especially have needs for: maternity clothes, large T-shirts, sweatpants, clock radios, new pillows, linens, women's socks, and games (board and others).

---The administration of these homes expressed much appreciation to the Catholic Daughters of the Americas for being very supportive of life and their homes for the needy, young mothers and their babies.

* Magdalene Home

Mission and Purpose:
Magdalene Home is the only shelter in Southern Oregon for homeless parenting and pregnant teens. They exist to provide an alternative to abortion or unsafe living situations for young mothers and their infants. The young mothers who stay with them are required to attend high school and are taught basic life skills such as cooking, budgeting, shopping, and meal planning skills and how to make effective life choices.

Financial Support given goes for:
Financial support that comes to Magdalene Home is used for salaries for housemothers, who are there 24 hours a day. These housemothers give the young mothers the support, encouragement, education, and guidance that they so desperately need. Also financial support is used for utilities, household supplies, needed household repairs, or take the young mothers and their babies for activities.

Other Ways to Help:
They are always in need of household items such as laundry detergent, diapers, towels, sheets, blankets, etc.

---The administration wishes to thank the Catholic Daughters for considering supporting Magdalene Home! The young mothers and their children appreciate having a safe warm home.

* The Grotto/ Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother

Mission and Purpose:
The Grotto strives to provide a welcoming presence and beautiful environment conducive to peace, quiet, and spiritual inspiration. The Grotto is committed to offer understanding, compassion and hope through a variety of ministries including counseling, education, and spiritual direction. The Grotto endeavors to serve an ecumenical communiy encompassing the greater Portland area and visitors from the global community.

Financial Support given goes for:
The donations that The Grotto receives goes toward continuing their many ministries such as The Grotto Counseling Canter, The Spirituality Program, caring for the 62 acre facility which includes a beautiful botanical garden, maintaining the various buildings on site such as the Chapel of Mary, The Monastery, and the Plaza.

Other Ways to help:
Volunteers are needed daily and especially on special days such as the Festival of Lights (Advent Season).

---Catholic Daughters began support of The Grotto in 1934 with a donation of the statue "Mary Our Mother", located on the upper level of the Sanctuary. The Grotto was adopted as a state project in 1992. An annual noon Mass is held for all Catholic Daughter members on the Sunday nearest the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

* Department of Veterans' Affairs

Mission and Purpose:
Volunteer Services for a variety of needs of both inpatient and outpatient veterans.

Financial support given goes to:
Monetary donations may be given to the Volunteer Services to be distributed to our veterans for various needs. Most monies given are deposited into the General Post Fund and are then distributed as needed and requested for 18 different individual funds. Donations given to any of these specific funds and would only then be distributed for that stated purpose. Example: Canteen Book Fund, Chaplain Fund, Food Fund, Recreation Fund, Social Work Fund, etc.

Other items that may be donated include:
Stamps, cards, stationery items, games, puzzles, books, toiletries, razors, clothing, t-shirts, shoes, socks, quilts, afghans, craft items, etc.

* Montessori Special Education Fund

This fund provides educational opportunities for preschool age children who are developmentally disabled. The Catholic Daughters have supported this fund since 1962 and is part of Providence Child Center. Providence Child Center endeavors to assure the rights and respond to the needs of all children in our society, especially those needing compassionate care.

Junior Catholic Daughters

The Junior Catholic Daughters provides a program for Catholic girls ages 6-18 the opportunity to live the message of their Church, their Community and their country. Each JCDA court needs to be sponsored and supported by a local CDA court.

Adopt-a-Seminarian/Sister Program

Individual Seminarians studying at Mt. Angel Seminary and women studying at various houses in Oregon are assigned to local Catholic Daughters Courts. Each court is asked to pray for and support their assigned seminarians and/or sisters throughout the year. In addition to prayers and letters of encouragement, the court may send items to the individuals but must be sent in an envelope no larger than a 9x13 manila envelope. (We also semi-annually take goodies for the seminarians during their finals' week. Oh, how they love the goodies!)

Seminary Fund

This State project was adopted in 1941 to assist in the cost of the education of our priests and future priests. Donations to this fund need to be marked with the designation of where the court wishes the monies to be deposited. There are THREE:
1. The Archdiocese of Portland
2. Mt. Angel Seminary
3. Diocese of Baker

Special Seminary Fund

This fund has been set up to assist seminarians with specific needs that they may not have the resources for, such as medical expenses, prescriptions, eye glasses, emergency transportation, etc. This fund is administered by the Abbot at the Abbey.

Msgr. Murnane Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is awarded annually to a high school graduating senior who is a JCDA member, to assist her in future studies. This scholarship is funded through donations by Catholic Daughter courts and its members. Msgr. Edmund J. Murnane served as a Catholic Daughter Sate Chaplain from 1939-1978

Very Reverend Fr. Joseph B. Hayes Memorial Fund

This fund is used to assist seminarians and non-resident students (of the seminary) who are admitted into graduate programs in theology at Mt. Angel Seminary. A basket raffle is held at each conference and convention and the proceeds are deposited into this fund. This fund was developed in 1996 to honor Fr. Hayes, who served as Catholic Daughter State Chaplain from 1978 until his death in 1994.

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* Editor's note:  the information contained within this website is for the sole purpose of informing our members of the issues, activities, goals, and requests of our membership; with access by the general public.  This information is, in no way, meant to misinform, mislead, slander, or misrepresent any individual, group, or entity.  If there is incorrect information on this website, please contact the state regent at CDAmarysaunders@aol.com  and the matter will be addressed as quickly as possible.